Lycon Metal Spatula

Product Description

A quality metal spatula essential for strip waxing ensuring a thin layer of wax is applied during application.

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  • Lycon Professional Wax Heater

    Exclusively made in Italy for Lycon. This durable, long lasting heater is the perfect choice for the discerning therapist. The Lycon Wax Heater has an adjustable, easy to control thermostat and unique heating element which disperses heat evenly and quickly and maintains optimal working temperature. It is a compact size and easy to clean.


    1KG capacity and includes scraper bar and lid.

    Receive 20% discount when purchasing 3 of these single heaters

  • Lycoflex Vanilla Strip Wax

    So gentle, your clients won’t feel a thing! No skin drag, just clean, hair-free skin.


    Super creamy, vanilla scented and ultra gentle with LYCON’s latest and unique Titanium Dioxide technology. Perfect for sensitive skin.


    Size 800ml