Lycopro Duo Wax Heater

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Product Description

This attractive and convenient, thermostaically controlled Lycopro Duo, has 2 removable inserts that hold 800G of wax and a handle is included.


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    Lycon Wax Solvent quickly and effortlessly dissolves all types of wax from linen, clothes, wax heaters, spatulas, furniture, equipment, carpet and floors. Saves time on cleaning, and is pleasantly scented.


  • Rosette Hot Wax
    A salon favourite since the 80’s! gentle and efficient. Removes hair as short as 1mm.

    NEW improved formula

    This premium, creamy pink wax with Chamomile and Rose now has LYCON’s latest and unique Titanium Dioxide technology. Exceptional for extra sensitive areas – perfect for Brazilian waxing!

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    Unique to Lycon, you won’t find another wax like it. Excellent for all waxing and fabulous for Brazilians! The same magical performance as Lycon hot wax range, only used much thinner, so far more economical. Gets rid of those fine, light hairs that are left behind by other waxes, providing a complete clearance of hair leaving sooth skin and eliminating the need for tweezing! Removes hair as shorts as 1mm, gently, thoroughly and painlessly.