Surcharge Notice

At Lycon Distribution Ireland, we truly value the relationship we have developed with you as a valued customer. We would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and custom.


You will be aware of the ongoing supply and demand pressures currently being felt on all products, energy costs and transport & shipping globally.

Our beautiful range of products and our business unfortunately, are not immune to these market pressures.


Up to this point we have strived to absorb these increases as a result of the market forces mentioned above. However, with recent radical increases we have reached a point where this is no longer feasible.


Our incoming shipping costs have quadrupled in price and our outgoing delivery costs to send products directly to you have also increased sharply due to fuel charges and congestion on road and in ports.

Shortage of space on container ships have increased delays and costs in shipping. Even packaging has increased by over 20% this year so far.

As a result, it is with regret we must inform you of a surcharge of 6% will be
added to all orders effective from 1 st November 2021.


We have chosen to implement a surcharge instead of a price increase as we are striving to maintain our current pricing structure where possible in our range of products. We are keeping all our costs under constant review and in the event of a decrease in the market in particular in transport and shipping we will of course revisit this surcharge. Should prices reverse we will look to pass on any reduction to you at the earliest opportunity.


We must stress at this point that despite the above challenges, with our

long-established relationships with our suppliers, we are continuously working to ensure a continuity of supply for our extensive range of products into the new year and beyond.


Once again, thank you for your ongoing valued business and we are here to support you in any way we can ♥