Hydrogel Firming Face Mask

Hydrogel firming face mask with gold shimmer effect
Intensive moisture with hyaluron and green tea extract

Suitable for all skin types – Dermatologically tested – Without paraffin – Without parabens

Content: 30 g

The mask is made of hydrogel imbued with particularly moisturising nutrients. The velvety texture of the hydrogel covers your skin pleasantly without leaving a sticky feeling. The gel consistency ensures that the mask hugs the contours of your face and feels like a second skin.
Due to the two-part design it is suitable for any face.
Through the warmth of your skin the gel melts gently, enabling optimum absorption of the nutrients.

Care tip:
Before the application, cleanse the skin and remove any makeup.
Remove the smaller mask (for the lower part of the face unfold it and remove the transparent film.
Detach the mask carefully from the black film, lay it on your cleansed skin and gently smooth it on with your hands. Repeat these steps with the larger mask for the upper part of the face.
Leave for 15 – 20 min.
Take off mask and remove any residues with a soft tissue.

RRP €9.95

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