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Lycon Professional Wax Heater

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Exclusively made in Italy for Lycon. This durable, long lasting heater is the perfect choice for the discerning therapist. The Lycon Wax Heater has an adjustable, easy to control thermostat and unique heating element which disperses heat evenly and quickly and maintains optimal working temperature. It is a compact size and easy to clean.


1KG capacity and includes scraper bar and lid.

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  • Lycodream Hybrid Wax
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    Used like hot wax, Lycodream is a precise balance between Lycon’s legendary traditional hot wax and Lycotec film wax. The best of both worlds!

    Lycodream offers the same shrink-wrapping performance of Lycon traditional hot wax, removing hair as short as 1mm, plus the extra pliability and ease of use of Lycotec modern film wax. Lycodream Hybrid Wax is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and Micro Mica for superior skin protection and Argan Oil, Arnica and Aloe Vera leaves skin feeling soft, nurtured and comfortable. tantalizing scent of Creamy Black Cherry and Mixed Berries.


    Size 500g

  • SoBerry Strip Wax
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    Luscious strawberry and pink sparkles, this one’s for the ladies!


    No skin drag, just clean, hair-free skin. With its delicious strawberry scent and spectacular, sparkling Micro Mica, SoBerry Delicious strip wax removes hair quickly and gently.


    Sizes available:

    100ml cartridge