Pre & Post Bundle


Product Description

Cleanse, Nourish and Soothe

Lycotane Skin Cleanser, Pre-Waxing Oil and Tea-Tree Soothe covering all pre and post waxing needs

3 x 500ml

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  • Lycotane Skin Cleanser

    with Jasmine and Chamomile

    This light, refreshing cleanser is used before all facial and body waxing to effectively remove surface oils, perspiration, pollution, make-up and cream residue from skin.

  • Pre-Waxing Oil

    with Apricot Kernel Oil, Jasmine and Chamomile

    LYCON’s unique Pre-Waxing Oil with nourishing essential oils softens and prepares skin prior to all hot and LYCOJET waxing. Pre-Waxing Oil prevents wax sticking to skin ensuring it only grips the hairs –  minimising skin drag and making waxing comfortable, clean and efficient.

    Available in 3 appropriate sizes – for salons on the go, busy salons and even busier salons!

  • Tea-Tree Soothe

    with Tea-Tree, Rose and Chamomile

    A light, moisturising and soothing lotion for after hot and strip waxing. Contains Tea-Tree Oil, well known for its anti-bacterial benefits.  Perfect for the warmer months, use for a cooling finish after all waxing on the face and body.