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Bronze Leaf 2-6 Hour


Product Description

2-6 Hour Tanning Revolution – This fast-acting solution takes just 2-6 hours to develop. The product allows clients to individualise their tanning experience to the depth level they prefer based on the when they choose to shower off their developing solution. Shower after 2 hours for a light, most natural tan. Shower after 4 hours for a medium, sun kissed tan. Shower after 6 hours for a darker, golden tan.


Professional 1 Litre Spray Tan 2-6 Hour available in:
1 Litre (20 Spray Tans)

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  • Lyco-Bronze Rapid Spray Tan

    with bio-melanin, aloe vera & Vitamin E

    LYCO-BRONZE Rapid Spray Tan, with the latest designer tan technology. Achieves a beautiful, natural looking tan that is completely customisable – a sun-kissed glow in just one hour and a deep bronze in up to four hours.

    This cutting edge LYCON formula contains 10% plant-derived DHA, Erythulose and premium Bio-Melanin (a natural pigment) for a flawless and streak-free tan. Additional skin-loving botanicals nourish and leave skin glowing and silky smooth.

    For professional use only.

  • Bronze Leaf 10% Medium

    Bronze Leaf works with the skin. Each solution (DHA percentage) is designed to match individual skin tone and how the skin reacts to the sun. Matching the solution to the client’s own skin tone produces the most natural looking tan while deep moisturisers and exotic botanical extracts tone and firm the skin – ensuring a more natural, even application, finish and fade.


    10% – Medium Tones – Best suited for people who tan moderately, but still burn after a longer period of time (25-40 mins).


    Professional 1 Litre Spray Tan 10% Medium available in:
    1 Litre (20 Spray Tans) / 1 Gallon (76 Spray Tans)