Calibrated for Lycon wax and suitable for all hot wax and strip wax

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  • Lycon Cartridge Wax Heater
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    Strip wax making a mess? Waxing appointments taking too long? Try our limited edition pink cartridge heater. This heater holds and heats a single 100ml strip wax cartridge quickly and thoroughly, while the cartridge glides strip wax on thinly and mess free! A must have in every salon, the Lycon cartridge heater allows for faster treatment times and no mess. Perfect for larger areas such a legs, arms, back and chest. Compliments our lovely SoBerry Cartridges nicely!


    Available in white or limited edition pink.

  • Lycopro Baby Wax Heater

    Our Lycopro Baby Wax Heater, perfect for small work stations, mobile salons or make up artists. This no fuss 250G wax heater is convenient, compact and ideal for facial waxing including brows, lip and nose. Suitable for both hot and strip wax with removable insert included. Additional inserts available.

  • Lycopro Duo Wax Heater

    This attractive and convenient, thermostaically controlled Lycopro Duo, has 2 removable inserts that hold 800G of wax and a handle is included.


  • Lycon Professional Wax Heater

    Exclusively made in Italy for Lycon. This durable, long lasting heater is the perfect choice for the discerning therapist. The Lycon Wax Heater has an adjustable, easy to control thermostat and unique heating element which disperses heat evenly and quickly and maintains optimal working temperature. It is a compact size and easy to clean.


    1KG capacity and includes scraper bar and lid.

    Receive 20% discount when purchasing 3 of these single heaters